(º◡º)っ Nº121 pleasure + meaning = life well-being 😌 💓

Consider this dramatically oversimplified formula:

Life satisfaction = pleasure + meaning

It is an excerpt from an about a 30min read from Kevin Simler. His A Nihilist’s Guide to Meaning begins decidedly tongue in cheek & crafts a wonderful essay with which to begin your work week. He does a great job of illustrating what creates or enhances meaning as well what erode or even destroys it.

Things like…

  • Children.
  • Helping others.
  • Community.
  • Fame.
  • Network centrality.
  • Ancestors.
  • Religion.
  • Progress vs. decay.
  • Space colonization.
  • Meaningful careers vs. bullshit jobs.

I believe understanding how not only you but others find / have found meaning in life is an incredibly valuable exercise.

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if you’re looking for some key differences between a happy life and a meaningful life. Read here.


“The final day was meant to be easy”



Jaw-dropping landscapes, rugged gravel tracks, smooth tar roads, majestic mountains, spectacular geological rock formations, deeply carved wadis (river beds), palm tree oases, friendly people… The list goes on and on.

Shutt velo rapide 3
Shutt velo rapide 3

The Route des Grandes Alpesunfound.cc

Four members of the Shutt Velo Rapide Racing Team spent a week following the historic Route des Grandes Alpes through the high mountains of France from Lake Geneva to the French Riviera.

Img 4005 225x300
Img 4005 225x300

Mallorca — a personal view from head of ashmei Stuart Brooke — a goat-to haven for cyclists looking for riding heavenashmei.com

A nice account of a typical stay on the island & teaser of their collab with Cycology.


Remember? “Manager time” vs “Maker time” http://bit.ly/2BSc6qq
Credit max guther esq020118weworkpike001 1515788950
Credit max guther esq020118weworkpike001 1515788950

Sriracha Is for Closerswww.esquire.com

Welcome to WeWork, the eight-year-old, $20 billion “shared space” nerve center of the New New Economy — in which the corporate ladder has been replaced by a rent-a-desk, the benefits package consists of free WiFi and La Colombe, and the retirement plan is IPO or bust. But hey, at least there’s no one to boss you around anymore, right?

Funny also because Twotone used to rent a desk there ; )

Labor 2030 530x242
Labor 2030 530x242

Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, Automation & Inequalitywww.bain.com

The business environment of the 2020s will be more volatile and economic swings more extreme.

Sales & PR

600 468291802
600 468291802

Sales Hacker #1 of 2018! Patagonia Edition! www.meetup.com

Stooked on this next installment of Sales Hacker here in Amsterdam.

Speaker line up is 🔥 !

Pouring on the pounds 495x520
Pouring on the pounds 495x520

Ads Don’t Work That Waywww.meltingasphalt.com

Ads get us to buy things not in spite of our rationality, but because of it. Ads target us not as Homo sapiens, full of idiosyncratic quirks, but as utility-maximizing Homo economicus.

Hat tip to Jess of Outsider for this one! And the author makes this cool Chrome plugin to reclaim your online attention span

Do NOT run another demo before reading this…


Are your prospects reacting unenthusiastically after you’ve invested hours running product demos? Read this.


Artworks 000298096743 ux8dqz t500x500
Artworks 000298096743 ux8dqz t500x500

Telecast — #003 by Space Kadettsoundcloud.com

Telecast — #003 is out!

Josh Dupree is dead. Long live Space Kadett!

Happy listening!

Here’s to finding meaning this week!

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