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  • Delayed gratification vs. living in the moment
  • Living a life of purpose vs. a life of financial security
  • Reducing my ego vs. embracing my ambition
  • Honoring my ambition vs. the anxiety that accompanies it


Top: Lian van Leeuwen & Bottom: Camille McMillan

IN TRANSIT & UN-LOST | Lian & Camille on the Transcontinental Race

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  • Keep Your Eye on New Opportunities: iterate on what you do & who you do it for.
  • Be a Hoarder: save old ideas & half finished projects. This is where their main product came frome.
  • Free Is Your Friend: MailChimp’s tipping point, in Chestnut’s view, came when it introduced a freemium model, which lets customers use MailChimp’s services for free.
  • Above All, Stick to It: It took more than five years for MailChimp to find its sweet spot, and about a decade for Chestnut to feel like it was starting to succeed.
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Avoid the spam folder
Sales trends predictions 2018


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Here’s to hold two opposing views at once & letting your soul dangle this week!




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Jon Woodroof

Jon Woodroof

Weekly 💌 delivered to your 📬 about Cycling, Startups & Sales + a dose of radness from @jonwoodroof of @twotoneams 🚴

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