The last time this newsletter made an appearance in your inbox, was a month ago! How has your summer been? Undoubtedly a weird one, I bet, but hopefully way less so than last year!

The last issue I sent, Nº223, was the most opened & clicked edition in 10 months. I relished in the splash & focused on my limited time with my son & daughter back home in Holland for the summer.

Our holiday plans to get to the Ardennes in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of southern Belgium; known for its medieval towns, Renaissance-era architecture, and traditional Trappist…

Hello! I feel like recently these irregular issues are more surprises for readers than managing to stay on a schedule. I hope that’s ok for you! ; )

Well, since I last wrote, I got married! And on the day that corona restrictions relaxed here in Holland. What an amazing day! (proper photos from my friend Stephan de Goede soon!) It was a beautiful day & wonderful to have so many loved ones there for our special day!

As far as cute emoji annotated cliff notes list of lessons to share, this issue won’t have one but the rhyming subject…

Hello! I suppose I’m already on the summer schedule of irregular issue expectations but keeping the dream alive of only sending once I have a solid lineup of highlights to share. To the new subscribers: thank you for signing up! : )

Summer is indeed a time where productivity can evaporate in the heat. You know I like to kick these missives of with handy tips so here goes with inspiration on how to stick to your own deadlines from Kate McKean of Agents & Books.

🔨 1. Sorry, there’s no replacement for actually doing the work — It doesn’t…

Hey! Surprise, here’s a Friday edition of the Twotone newsletter!

How are you doing? I’ve been onboarding new colleagues, kicking off new projects, traveling to the USA to see my kids, squeezing in a #12hoursofmay overnighter & even preparations for getting married next month! 🥰

The ways in which May has been wild could be a whole issue on its own, so it’s certainly not ironic this subject line rhyme caught my eye. 🙃

Well, it was inspired by Matthew Jones of Accept & Proceed. He made a pretty relevant (to me) post on LinkedIn about a designer named Harvey…

Hey! How has your week been? Here in Holland, Tuesday was King’s Day (I rode a paddle boat ~10km!), yesterday was my fiancé, Kristy’s birthday, and today I’m sending this from Schiphol already USA bound again to visit my son & daughter. I’ll be getting my 2nd Pfizer shot this trip, as well!

On Saturday, as I was already preparing for this issue, I was really enjoyed Jess from No Fun Mag’s (aka OFFLINE MATTERS) interview with V. Vale. “Who’s V. Vale”, you ask?

“In 1977, he founded as sole proprietor Search & Destroy, San Francisco’s first Punk Rock publication…

Hello! I hope you had a good weekend! I was shaking jet lag but still managed to get a 100km bike ride in. Speaking of bikes and if you don’t speak German, this week’s subject line may not make sense to you:

“Hätte, Hätte, Fahrradkette.

In German, it means: “coulda, coulda, bike chain” and can be used in the same way as ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’. Clearly, it’d be a phrase I’d dig. ; ) Not that referencing regret is a common practice but, of course, any phrase with a rhyme, I’ll use all the time! ; )

I dug into…

Hello! It’s been a few weeks, I know. 😅

Since I last wrote, I spent the better part of a week in Limburg with our longest-standing client, 2Moso. We were making footage & photos in preparation for Wahoo’s re-launch of Speedplay along with content for other products they carry from Princeton CarbonWorks, Megmeister & Aftershokz and partner brands including Bliz & Lake. With a COVID rapid test beforehand, this was my first work trip like this in a year!

Thereafter, I was able to go get my son & daughter for their first week back here in eight months! While…

Good evening! I hope you had a good weekend! : )

Recently, I spotted this week’s rhyming subject line inspiration in passing on social media and dug deeper into its roots. Turns out Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875–1961), first established the concept (and coined the phrase) that what you resist persists. He meant that the more you resist anything in life, the more you bring it to you.

This made me think of some challenging circumstances that I’ve been resisting and, surprise, that have been persisting in my life for years.

So when I saw this article by Dan Johnson

Surprise! It’s Twotone in your inbox on a Tuesday!

We’re 53 days since the start of 2021 and I can imagine this newsletter isn’t the only thing not running like clockwork in your life. But, hey I’m not here to make excuses just making conversation. (And music suggestions.)

In fact, as the subject line suggests, I intend to talk about shredding (not literally, really I mean playing) until you’re dead (yeah, I mean that literally).

Well, two weeks ago, Amsterdam was still covered in snow and I got out to sled with two of my fiance’s kids and decided to…

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