\m/(>.<)\m/ Nº102 HARNESS THE GNARNESS 🤘 🎸

  • 🚲 Pure Cycles 🚲 — (B2–204) Pure Cycles is joining Eurobike this year with the launch of two new Adventure gravel bikes. Hit up Guy for details on the bikes!
  • 📈 Zwatt 📈 — (A1–605 Stronglight ) our 2nd Eurobike with the guys making cycling’s most affordable powermeters. Hit Guy up if you want to talk to them.
  • 📱 Wahoo Fitness📱 — (B3–105) Be at their booth Wednesday August 30th at 10am for a special event!
  • 🗺 Komoot 🗺 — (no booth) we’ve been getting our long time client Komoot regular international press (thanks for this one Tom!) & in the hands of outdoors influencers around the world.
  • 🚴 listnride 🚴 — (no booth) Gert-Jan & Johannes are keen to catch up with potential partners at the show as well as media keen to learn about the platform. & Seedrs campaign.


Photograph: Lan Van Leeuwen| The Transcontinental 2017

The Transcontinental bike race: 2,400 gruelling miles across Europe

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Jon woodroof
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Jim Carrey: I Needed Color on Vimeo

Value prop diagram osterwalder
  1. Use a compelling subject line
  2. Keep it short and friendly (no scrolling required on a phone to read the whole message!)
  3. Add relevant information and calls to action.


“The explosion itself should feel like a digital decomposition.”

Bass in the face!

daniel doebner | danieldoebner.de

Here’s to harnessing the gnarness this week!




Weekly 💌 delivered to your 📬 about Cycling, Startups & Sales + a dose of radness from @jonwoodroof of @twotoneams 🚴

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Jon Woodroof

Jon Woodroof

Weekly 💌 delivered to your 📬 about Cycling, Startups & Sales + a dose of radness from @jonwoodroof of @twotoneams 🚴

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