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Jon Woodroof
4 min readDec 16, 2018


Good morning!

What do I have in common with Bruce Lee, Bill Nye & Jimi Hendrix? We were all born on November 27th! 🎂

I’m officially 34 today & Twotone is officially 4. I was born on this day in Landstuhl, Germany on Ramstein Air Force Base way back in 1984 & four years ago yesterday I officially incorporated Twotone as a BV here in The Netherlands. Furthermore, (and not quite a topic for a mostly work related newsletter) later today I’ll be at the courthouse for my divorce hearing.

So, if you’re in Amsterdam, come celebrate with a drink at Twotone HQ tonight. To be clear: we’ll announce our annual company party soon so no worries if you can’t swing by today : )

as always thank you for reading,



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this week’s rhyming subject line is from this Hendrix song.


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Riding Electric Bicycles Boon To Health And Not Cheating, Confirms Literature Reviewwww.forbes.com

Fun to see Carlton Reid’s latest Forbes article feature a snap of yours truly on a Tern GSD. This was from a shoot to launch this bike with Ad Lips here in Amsterdam earlier this year. The photo was taken by Sebas Romero.

Now, every time I visit my kids in Florida I use this bike to stay car-free!

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New Carbon MTB power meter from TeamZWATTteamzwatt.com

Our former client TeamZWATT has a new version of their power meter coming out.

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Netherlands Invests Extra €552m To Get Even More People On Bicycleswww.forbes.com

The Netherlands has been the world’s leading cycling nation since at least 1912 — and it shows.

Proud to call this place home!


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Content promotion is changing. growandconvert.com

If you’re using content to build your business, this is worth reading.

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How to ship when things are shitstackingthebricks.com

“A backwards plan starts at your destination — your goal — and tells you exactly what you need to get there.”

Email marketing teardown pinterest

Pinterest Email Marketing Teardownwww.gethighlights.co

What’s better than an effective email onboarding sequence?

Not. Needing. One.

Sales & PR

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#Saleshackerams — Next meetup Dec. 11www.meetup.com

Hey! Our venue fell through, do you have a space in central Amsterdam to host ~80 people on Dec 11? Please let me know!

The Four Stages of Sales Compensation Structures in Early Stage Startups


Your startup is just getting off the ground. You might have a few account executives and a sales leader in place; maybe some revenue and a handful of customers. The sales team costs real money, and the question before the company is: how do know what quota plan to assign to the account executives?

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7 Tools To Personalize Sales And Marketing Communications At Scalewww.forbes.com

The Tern snap above wasn’t the first time I’ve made a cameo in Forbes. Here’s an article quoting how Twotone works from back in 2016! : )


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Telecast — #009 by Space Kadett is out nowsoundcloud.com

Guy also just celebrated working at Twotone for three years!

Here’s to welcoming changes & re-arranges this week!



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