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  1. Investing in learning. The upfront costs are real and visible and, like any investment, the future payoff is uncertain. So we tend to skim the surface. Shane’s post explains why this is a true waste of time. 😫
  2. Relationships. We’re often too “busy” to spend time with the ones we care about. Whether is the parent sending work emails while their kids play on the playground or the Millennial too busy to visit their parents, they later wish for more time… 😕
  3. Meetings. Meetings are a big part of how I earn a living. For many people, meetings are poorly organized and poorly run. Lacking an agenda or decision = a giant waste of time. 😑


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Bespoked lead


“to be truly alive, to keep pushing.”

Is it worth the trouble?


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Woman in bright sunglasses


“Sure it takes time and attention but it’s absolutely worth it. And I love it.”

As CEO, I don’t want ANYONE sending an email blindly on my behalf. BUT I am ok with them doing this…


Img 28381
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❤️ 🚲 expedition content almost as much as you ❤️ goin on 🚲 expeditions?



Here’s to attacking the pack this week!



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